We are committed to proactively building healthy relationships through civic engagement and fostering a sense of community to prevent and address conflict and wrongdoing.

Your contribution supports peace, restorative justice, sustainability and hope. 

We appreciate any and all contributions. 

Woodlawn Restorative Justice Hub, Inc. (“WRJH”) does not currently have tax-exempt status, although we intend to seek a tax exemption from the Internal Revenue Service by the end of the year. To support WRJH, make donations through WRJH’s fiscal sponsor, Southside Together Organizing For Power (“STOP”), an organization exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. When making a donation through STOP, please include WRJH in the note section, so the donation is designated for our programs. Please contact Catherine Jackson or Marcus Gill with questions about donations.

For donations without tax exemption, you can donate thru PayPal directly to executive director Catherine Jackson by clicking here


Your donations help support youth, activities and memories like the ones below.