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We are more than just a single program. All of our work responds to trauma, violence and conflict through the lens of healing, community and justice. Recognizing that one size does not fit all, we are committed to developing lasting changes in our youth participants and in our community by proactively building healthy relationships through our programming. We are driven by the African philosophy of ubuntu, or I am because we are. By doing this work, we believe we will create a community that is united to prevent and address conflict and wrongdoing.

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Our Mission

The mission of the Woodlawn Restorative Justice Hub is to engage young people most impacted by violence through restorative justice, economic empowerment, and civic engagement that supports ongoing successful advocacy led by young people.

Guided by this mission statement and supported by our Theory of Change, WRJH has identified
the following key goals to be accomplished in carrying out our work.
• Reduce youth violence in the community using youth leaders. Integrate long-term mentorship
that supports the system to reach more high risk.
• Integrate a long-term mentorship support system to reach more high-risk Youth.
• Build a comprehensive pipeline for connecting high-risk Youth to critical social services and
employment opportunities

• Cultural Pedagogy awareness-building individuals, community, and family (Ubuntu)



Our Vision

Through engaging with youth, the WRJH envisions a community where young people and families collaborate to build peace through restorative justice.

Our Values

The core values of the WRJH are:
• Ubuntu = I am because we are / All actions and activities affect us all
• Respect
• Creativity
• Community Organizing
• Mental wellness
• Embrace Kwanzaa Afrocentric principles as organizational building blocks

“There is no magic to achievement. It’s really about hard work, choices and persistence."

- Michelle Obama





Executive Director

Catherine Jackson is a seasoned nonprofit director and community leader with a rich history of service. Her diverse experiences encompass roles as a community advocate for restorative justice, mentoring, community organization, and program implementation. With over two decades of expertise in program management, mentoring, and administrative evaluation, Catherine has a proven track record in overseeing organizational programming. She has also been a passionate advocate, contributing her insights to several state and local
community Boards of Directors. Catherine's advocacy areas include restorative justice, incarceration, education, housing, domestic violence, violence prevention, and economic sustainability, with a special focus on women's issues.

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Job Training Coordinator

Marcus Gill, a dynamic leader, serves as the Board President of a Non-Profit organization. With a long history as a community advocate and an extensive background in business and economic development, Marcus brings over thirty years of experience to the table. He excels in planning, organizing, and
development, and has a proven ability to coordinate outreach, education, and policy activities. Marcus holds certifications as a Mentor and Peace Trainer, and he co-owns Dust Em Clean.

Lauren Phillips

Administrative Assistant

Lauren Phillips serves as the administrative assistant, responsible for a wide range of tasks that foster a positive and inclusive environment within the organization. A proud graduate of the Woodlawn Restorative
Justice Hub, Lauren has actively participated in the National Association of Community and Restorative Conferences held in Chicago, Illinois. She played a pivotal role as a planner for the Restorative Love Human Rights of a Child Camp, impacting over 30 participants. Additionally, she completed the Peace Circle Training, enhancing her skills and knowledge in restorative justice practices. One of Lauren's key strengths lies in her strategic approach, ensuring that activities align with the program's objectives and contribute to the overall
growth of the participants.

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Preston Allison Jr. 

Preston Allison Jr. is the CEO of PAJ Associate - Building A Better You. He is a Speaker, Trainer, and Motivational Coach, also serving as a Mental Health Consultant for Woodlawn Restorative Justice Hub. Recognized as a leader in the mental health field, Preston Allison has over twenty years of experience in serving children and adolescents within the Chicagoland area. Mr. Allison's expertise, creativity, and passion have set a positive framework for addressing mental health and trauma in youth, parents, stakeholders, and communities.

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Arnold Butler

Arnold Butler is a leader, mentor,
innovator and Violence Prevention Expert with the
Woodlawn Restorative Justice Hub. Through hard work
and dedication to both the Woodlawn and Hyde Park
communities, he has dedicated himself to helping young
leaders become successful. His contribution to mentorship
and violence prevention comes from the personal testimony
he faced in his teenage years. His relentless evolution,
dedication, love for people, sports, and problem-solving
motivates all people that come in contact with him. The
creativity he builds in others influences positive results for
our young leaders in our society.

Lauryn Collins

Youth Worker

Lauryn Collins serves as a Youth Worker and is a former program participant. She has contributed to the Alderwoman Jeanette Taylor Youth Committee and is a member of the Chicago Fellow Program. Lauryn is a
passionate advocate for housing and social and restorative justice, actively participating in the Human Rights and Child Rights Nehemiah Trinity Rising Youth planning committee. Similar to Lauren Phillips, Lauryn has played a vital role in planning the Restorative Love Human Rights of a Child Camp and completed Peace Circle Training, further enhancing her skills and knowledge in restorative justice practices.

We also could not do this work without our dedicated Board of Directors.

Their expertise and guidance are crucial to our mission and community success. 

Michael Scott

Board President

Michael Scott is Board President for the Woodlawn Restorative Justice Hub, and an active board member of STOP Michael holds a BA in Human Development from DePaul University. Michael holds a BA in Human Development from DePaul University.

Vincent Cole

Vice President/Board Member

Mr. Vincent Cole is the Director of Affordable Housing at the University Church located in the Hyde Park Neighborhood on Chicago’s south side. e Executive Director of the Woodlawn Developments Associates, a non-profit organization that is currently focused on preserving affordable housing in the Woodlawn neighborhood, the future home of the Obama Presidential Center.

Alex Goldenberg

Board Member Treasurer

Mr. Alex Goldenberg is the Executive Director and a founding member of Southside Together Organizing for Power. Alex holds a master’s in City Planning from MIT

Monroe Lollar

Board Member

Mr. Monroe Lollar comes to Woodlawn Restorative Justice Hub with over 20 years of experience in the area of client counseling & and management in the financial industry. A Board Member with H.H.D, a Volunteer Tax Preparer at the Ladder Up F/K/A/ Center of Economic Monroe is a Chicago native and earned his B.A. in Business Administration from North Park University in 2006.

Afrika Porter

Board Member

Ms. Afrika Porter, affectionately known as Sista Afrika. Sista Afrika is the CEO of Afrika Enterprises, a full- service Public Relations and Consulting Company, Emmy Award Executive Director.

Delores Pace

Board Member

Ms. Dolores Pace is a Chicago native and a distinguished Real Estate Broker with over 18 years of experience in the industry. Born and raised in the Woodlawn community. an ambassador for the Woodlawn Chamber of Commerce, Dolores works at Kale Realty in Lincoln Park and resides in Hyde Park.

These Donors have financially supported
the organization Over The Years

Chicago Community Trust
Chicago Racial Justice Pool Fund
Chicago Safe Peaceful Communities

Crossroads Fund

Blessed Virgin Ministries in Dubuque, Iowa
City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events
(DCASE) for the Neighborhood Access Program
Cook County Justice Advisory Council
University of Chicago Violence Gun Intervention
Stronger Nonprofits Initiative
Seed Funding (Cross Funds)
Chicago Community Trust African American Legacy
The Elizabeth Morse Charitable Trust
University of Chicago Community Program Accelerator

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