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About Us

WRJH works to achieve its objectives through restorative justice, educational, mentorship, and economic employment opportunities that enhance and develop young people as advocates for peace.


WRJH has conducted and will continue to conduct educational sessions, peace circle training, and individual and group mentoring. WRJH’s primary program, Young Leaders for Peace (the “YLP Program”), strives to help youth foster a strong self-identity, recognizing the self as a member of a family, as a student, and as a member of a community with the ability to lead and advocate for a more peaceful world.



The Woodlawn Restorative Justice Hub engages young people most impacted by violence through restorative justice, economic empowerment, and civic engagement that supports ongoing successful advocacy led by young people

Above the Clouds


Through engaging with youth, the WRJH envisions a community where young people and families collaborate to build peace through restorative justice.

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