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Woodlawn Restorative Justice Hub, Inc., is an Illinois not-for-profit corporation (“WRJH”), was formed to engage young people most impacted by violence throughout Chicago, Illinois through restorative justice, economic empowerment, and civic engagement.


WRJH’s objectives:

  • reduce youth violence in the community using youth leaders;

  • develop a pool of youth leaders trained to lead restorative justice peace circles;

  • integrate a long-term mentorship support system to reach more high-risk youth;

  • create additional avenues to encourage youth civic leadership; and

  • build a comprehensive pipeline for connecting high-risk youth to critical social services and employment opportunities.

  • WRJH works to achieve its objectives through restorative justice, education, mentorship, and economic employment opportunities that enhance and develop young people as advocates for peace.



Through engaging with youth, Woodlawn Restorative Justice Hub envisions a community where young people and families collaborate to build peace through restorative justice.

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